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WiFi Hacking with Airgeddon on Kali Linux


Airgeddon is a popular, free, and open-source wireless security auditing tool that helps penetration testers locate and exploit vulnerabilities in wireless networks. It is available for download from GitHub. Airgeddon runs on Kali Linux and other Debian-based distributions.

To use Airgeddon, first ensure that your wireless card is compatible. Next, identify the target wireless network and select the appropriate attack mode. Then, launch the attack and wait for Airgeddon to crack the password. Finally, extract the password from the handshake file.

Airgeddon is a powerful tool that can be used to easily find and exploit vulnerabilities in wireless networks. However, it is important to use it responsibly and only on networks that you have permission to test.

In today's educational guide, we will see how to hack or "break" Wifi codes with simple steps. 

In this article, we will see how to break WiFi codes so that you can understand the risk that your personal data runs when no protection measures are taken. The techniques described are for purely educational purposes and are done on my personal WiFi network.

What we need to start WiFi hacking

  • Kali Linux
  • a Wi-Fi....

March 14, 2023
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