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Penetration Testing using The "Kill Chain" Methodology is an online course in which you will learn how to perform Penetration Test step by step using the "Kill Chain" Methodology. This course is intended for technical astute audience and this is a 98% hands on course.

Course is self-paced so you can join any time!

The course is available only for premium subscribers.



Information Gathering - Passive Reconnaissance


  • Whois Lookup

  • Linux Dig Command

  • Linux Traceroute and Mtrgraph

  • Social Engineering ToolKit

  • And More ...

Sniffers - Passive sniffing

  • Wireshark

  • Etherape

  • Advanced MitM Framework

Vulnerability Analysis

  • OpenVas

  • Nikto

  • W3af


Scanners   Active scanning

  • Nmap and Zenmap

  • And More ...

Vulnerability Exploits

  • Veil-Evasion

  • The Metasploit Framework

  • And More ...

Test analysis

  • Client-side Exploitation

  • Exploiting targets with Armitage

Course structure:

  • four modules

  • course is online and self-paced

What you will learn in this course:

This course is intended for a technically astute  audience.

The participant should have some general knowledge of the systems that we'll be testing. After covering some tools and techniques, you will have a good fundamental understanding of penetration testing and assessments.

What you will need (course requirements – software):

Pentesting OS:

  • Kali Linux - Free Download

Virtual Machine Applications:

  • VMWare Player - Free

  • VirtualBox - Free Download for Linux, Windows, and OSx

  • Parallels - Costs Money; For OS X

Other miscellaneous tools:

  • TeamViewer - Free; For remote live demos; Not required

  • Your Brain - Free

Virtual Machine Images:

LAMPSecurity  Is designed to be a series of vulnerable virtual machine images along with complementary documentation designed to teach Linux, Apache, Php, Mysql security.

What skills you should have before you join:

  • We will use some of the most “popular” tools used in pentesting.

  • Some experience in IT Security, solid basic knowledge of TCP/IP networks.

  • Comfortable at the command line under Linux and Windows.

Your instructor:

Rupert Edwards

I’m a Linux professional possessing LPIC-3 Linux Professional Institute certification and CompTIA Cloud Essentials. I also have over 15 years of computer security experience, over 15 years of systems engineering as a security expert, 15 years as a lecturer and trainer, and 35 years of industry experience. Programming: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Shell, and Penetration tester extraordinaire.

You can find me on G+ 

You can read an interview with our instructor here:



-> Pre-Course Material- Penetration Testing Using The “Kill Chain” Methodology



 Module 1 – Information Gathering – Passive Reconnaissance

Topic 1:

Topic 2: Linux commands

Topic 3: Social Engineering ToolKit


  1. Use Linux commands to do passive Reconnaissance

  2. Use Wireshark for passive sniffing the LAN

  3. Use SET to set up fake clone website to steal user credentials.

  4. Use SET to craft fake email and a malicious pdf document.

Module 2 – Vulnerability Analysis

Topic 1: OpenVas

Topic 2: Nikto

Topic 3: W3af

Topic 4: Exploit­


  1. Use tools learned in topic 1 thru 4 to perform a vulnerability assessment against LAMPSecurity.

  2. Discuss vulnerabilities and remediation.

Module 3 – Scanners - Active scanning

Topic 1: Nmap

Topic 2: Zenmap

Topic 3: Advanced MitM Framework


  1. Perform active scans against LAMPSecurity (target) in your pentesing lab environment.

  2. Perform an man-in-the-middle attack against chosen target.

Module 4 – Vulnerability Exploits And Test Analysis

Topic 1: Veil-­Evasion

Topic 2: The Metasploit Framework

Topic 3: And More ...


  1. Craft malicious payload to bypass anti-virus.

  2. Set up local web server to host the malicious payload.

  3. Set up command and control server (C2 Server) with Metasploit Framework.

Test analysis:

  1. Client ­side Exploitation

  2. Exploiting targets with Armitage

Final Exam:  

Good Luck ;)

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected]


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  1. Good Training


    Although this course was few years old and there were some challenges in running few tools due to the version changes, but overall, conceptually and technically awesome course. Really boosted my confidence in doing a pentest. Thanks!!

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