Cybersecurity Expert, Turned Investor Launches, an InfoSec Accelerator

Cybersecurity Expert, Turned Investor Launches, an InfoSec Accelerator

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Well known IT security expert and a serial entrepreneur, Sumit ‘Sid’ Siddharth has launched a new initiative ( to create more entrepreneurs and bring more disruptive, cutting edge cyber security research to life. Disruptrs provide pre-seed funding as well business mentoring to existing and new businesses and is specifically focused on innovative Cyber Security ideas.

Sid, previously founded NotSoSecure, a boutique IT security consultancy and training company which was acquired by Claranet in 2018. Disruptrs’ has already launched 2 world class start-ups in  (a state-of-art Passwordless authentication platform) and  (A continuous asset discovery and data leak monitoring platform). 

PureID is an innovative tech start-up, solving the top most enterprise risk “Password”. Using passwords for authentication is fundamentally flawed. Passwords are a pain to manage, secure, govern and are highly susceptible to breach. Our innovative solution PureAuth uses patent pending “proof-of-association” technology, which utilizes distributed cryptographic factors and digital signatures. We provide a breach resilient, secure (5 factor) and easy to use product which is here to disrupt the authentication industry. Our simple authentication process involves a user to navigate to the login page in their browser and then scan the displayed dynamic QR code using our VR5 application and that’s it. No passwords to remember, nothing to change periodically and it takes away the problem of phishing and typical password reuse/spraying attacks.

RedHunt Labs, has an Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform called NVADR for organisations to gain holistic visibility of their perimeter security. NVADR provides Continuous Asset Discovery as well as Data Leak Monitoring through its wide-spread distributed collectors and notifies organisations in case a new asset/data leak/security vulnerability belonging to the organisation, surfaces on the internet. Through deep correlation algorithms, the verification engine maps assets to the organisation and verifies the ownership, thus removing the noise and showing only actionable information. In order to be resilient against attackers, organisations need to gauge their complete attack surface, not just IP Addresses, Subdomains, but also their web/mobile applications, acquisitions, code repositories, third party associations, etc.

Disruptrs’ site has a “Call for Disruptrs” section where they are inviting more entrepreneurs and disruptors to submit their business ideas and pitches.

Commenting on the launch, Sid said, “Entrepreneurship, involves risk. Through this initiative, I intend to take away some of the financial risks and provide my mentorship, experience and network to convert bright ideas into commercial products. A financial crisis, such as the one we are experiencing right now, is bad for businesses who have high overheads but it’s a great time to start something new with less cost. Some of the successful businesses we have today like AirBnB, Uber etc started in the financial crisis of 2008. While there are institutions which do the same work that we are doing (pre-seed funding), we are a bit different as we are not fund managers. Being an entrepreneur myself and having gone through a M&A, I feel I am well placed to mentor these brilliant disruptors and to help them commercialise their innovations”.

July 1, 2020
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