Nessus Map

Nessus Map

by Abdul Wahab

Nessus XML Praser


  • Python3
  • Django

Tested on

  • Ubuntu 18.04

What it does

  • Vulnerability based parsing
  • Service based parsing
  • Host bases parsing
  • Unsupported OS parsing
  • Generate Executive Summary of scan
  • Export parsed .nessus(s) to JSON file(s)
  • Import JSON file in Nessus_Map

How it works

Create XML directory in Nessus_Map home directory and place all .nessus files under XML directory and start server.

How to Setup

  • Clone this repo git clone
  • Change directory cd Nessus_Map
  • Copy all .nessus files in XML directory
  • Start server with python3 runserver

Vulnerability Parsing

Host Parsing

Services Parsing

Executive Report

Import JSON file in Nessus_Map

The app has been published at:



November 27, 2019
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