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Commercial Honeypots - PenTest Extra 6/2012

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PenTest Extra 6_2012 Honeypots
PenTest Extra 6_2012 Honeypots

by Mudit Gera
A honeypot is an information system resource whose value lies in unauthorized or illicit use of that resource. It has no production value; anything going to, or from a honeypot, is likely a probe, attack or compromise.

Commercial Honeypots
by Vatsal Parekh
What is less scalable? Commercial or Open Source? What about Trouble shooting and maintenance of commercial and Open Source honeypots? The Opensource honeypots are proved to be better only when the technical team building and designing them are aware of its capabilities and limitations. Not all opensource in the market are up to the mark, but choosing them according to your needs and then configuring them is a must-to-do job by the technical personnel of the company.

Honeypots as mechanisms to conduct packet captures or implement solutions
by Daniel Wood
We understand what honeypots are, how they can be used to create a honeynet, and how to implement them; we need to keep in mind that if not deployed properly they can create a high risk to your production environment and due diligence should be exercised when planning and deploying honeypots.

Honeypot's – useful within active threat defence
by Dan Ross
As a security measure it can be considered that honeypots are like playing with fire so thus should never be implemented on organisations critical control systems.

Protect your site with the Honeypots
by Pierre-Henry Soria
Let's learn how to create a fake administrative part which will serve as a honeypot.
While keeping the true administration folder hidden, we will simulate a fake of administration
page that will attract hackers by the easy prey so that will not only be wasting valuable time trying to connect instead of seeking the real administration page, but also allow us to analyze the ways they use to exploit potential vulnerabilities in the website.

Using Honeypots to Augment Existing Network Security Measures
by Jamie Riden
Practical deployment of honeypots for early detection of breaches
Some advises of how you might want to implement a honeypot that will alert you to successful
intrusions into your company network.

Interview with the members of Affined Honeypot project (NoAH) Jason Polakis and Spiros Antonatos
by Stefanus Natahusaba
What is the best platform to build honeypot? In terms of security, performance and flexibility?
Is there a general framework to design,develop and build honeypot system?

Data Conversions and System Attacks
by Colin Renouf
Now in the new environment each of the sets of bytes was being treated as a character with a set
of rules describing how it was to be translated, and when treated as characters in UTF8 a character can be represented by 1, 2, 3 or 4 bytes. This is the world of Unicode, where almost every conceivable character from almost any language can be represented.

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