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Master Your Pentesting Skills with Python


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Dear PenTest Readers,

We know that a lot of you love using Python in your security adventures. Its versatility and ability to automate scripts make it perfect to create your own pentesting tools, giving you space for loads of creativity and fun!  

Together with Hakin9 Magazine, our sister project, we would like to offer you a special bundle, which combines the editions dedicated to Python’s usage in security. No matter if you are located on the offensive or defensive side of the infosec coin, you will definitely find loads of practical knowledge in this pack of 4 eBooks. Do you want to learn how to create an Advanced Persistent Threat or ransomware with advanced Python programming? Find out how to use this language to automate the boring stuff? How to extract data from the system? It’s all there! And, obviously, much more :) Don’t waste any more time and master your pentesting skills with Python, at a special price! :)

Enjoy the content,
PenTest and Hakin9 Magazines’ Editorial Teams

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This pack includes: 

Mighty Python: Advanced Pentesting Techniques - whole issue

Creating a Ransomware with Python whole issue

The Power of Python - whole issue

Programming for Hackers - whole issue

Please note that this product is not available in the downloads section, as every one of our subscribers already has a full access to the issues which are parts of the bundle.


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