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Dear PenTest Readers,

As our modern world continues its relentless march towards increasing connectivity, the silent and invisible realm of radio frequencies (RF) becomes more integral to our daily lives. From Wi-Fi networks in our homes to the Bluetooth devices we use, from the smart cars we drive to the drones that capture breathtaking aerial views - RF signals envelop us. Yet, this omnipresent wave of data, though invisible, is not invulnerable.

So, Dear Reader, whether you're an expert in the field, an enthusiastic newbie, or just a curious soul, there's something in this issue for everyone. Let's tune in to the frequency of understanding, exploration, and responsible action!


Honeypot Technology: Comparisons, Types and Importance for Cyber Security

Gokce Gulsun

Honeypot technology holds significant importance in today’s technology-driven world, serving as a crucial tool for safeguarding networks and monitoring evolving threat trends. Frequently, it is employed to safeguard production systems by identifying and diverting unauthorized intrusion attempts. Indeed, a honeypot serves as an early warning system, proving highly valuable for the examination of attacker behavior, especially in cases of unfamiliar attacks. Thanks to its distinctive design and application capabilities, it can effectively mitigate the deficiencies of other established security methods.

API Penetration Testing: Tools, Techniques and Security Practices

Enoch Anbu Arasu

This article provides a comprehensive understanding about what is API penetration testing, types of testing, its key objectives, common API vulnerabilities, best practices to overcome vulnerabilities and penetration testing methodology. The article also explains the testing tools to ensure secure data handling, validating input and output mechanisms, and verifying authentication and authorization processes. The article also emphasizes API penetration testing as a critical component of a well-rounded cybersecurity approach, enabling organizations to fortify their API security posture and protect their assets against potential threats.


Mariana Gouveia

In today’s technology-driven world, cybersecurity has emerged as a key priority. However, just securing systems and data is no longer sufficient in the face of sophisticated and ever-changing digital threats. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI or Threat Intel) emerges as a beacon of knowledge and prevention in this scenario, playing a critical role in recognizing and mitigating cyber threats. In this essay, we’ll look at the critical importance of CTI in today’s environment, highlighting how this discipline has evolved into a critical component of digital security strategy in the face of increasingly complex and dangerous threats.

Setting Up a Radio Frequency Penetration Testing Lab: A Comprehensive Guide

Larbi Ouiyzme

The advent of wireless technologies, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi, satellite communications, and even automobiles, has established radio frequencies as a cornerstone of modern communication. However, with this ubiquity comes significant security threats, including a rise in man- in-the-middle attacks, replaying, and communication disruption. This article delves into the intriguing domain of radio frequency penetration testing, highlighting its challenges, methods, and security implications, and provides insights into creating a dedicated pentesting lab.

This guide serves as an essential resource for anyone venturing into the domain of RF penetration testing, ensuring security in the era of wireless communication.

The Surge of Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Pranshu Ranakoti

Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly severe threat to organizations around the world. A particularly insidious new trend is the rise of “double extortion” attacks, in which cybercriminals not only encrypt an organization’s data but also threaten to publicly release sensitive stolen information if the ransom is not paid. In this comprehensive article, we will examine the evolution and surge in these double extortion campaigns, look at real-world examples of how high- profile companies have been significantly impacted, and provide best practices for defending against and recovering from such attacks.

“In our modern world, countless applications rely on radio frequency elements” – an Interview with Larbi Ouiyzme

Larbi Ouiyzme

Interview with experienced cybersecurity consultant about Radio Penetration Testing.

About the Author: Larbi OUIYZME Cybersecurity Consultant and Licensed Ham Radio Operator since 1988 with prefix CN8FF, deeply passionate about RF measurement, antennas, satellites, Software- defined radio, Digital Mobile Radio and RF Pentesting.

The Essential Guide to Radio Frequency Penetration Testing

Berker Kilic

Radio Frequency (RF) penetration testing, popularly referred to as RF pentesting, stands as a vital domain within ethical hacking. Its primary goal is to meticulously identify vulnerabilities inherent within wireless communication systems (Smith & Johnson, 2018). In contemporary times, with the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, connected cars, and wearable devices, the importance of RF pentesting has soared significantly. This specialized form of testing has emerged as a crucial tool for evaluating the security of wireless networks and assessing their resilience against potential cyber-attacks (Davis & Brown, 2020).

Efficient Reconnaissance with BBRF: Organizing Enumeration

Anderson Sales

Whether during a pentest or bug hunting activity, the first step is the reconnaissance phase, and subdomain enumeration emerges as one of the most crucial tasks. Identifying and enumerating subdomains is essential to understand an organization’s attack surface or protect against potential threats.

You can enhance and streamline subdomain enumeration using BBRF (Bug Bounty Reconnaissance Framework), a robust and versatile tool designed to simplify and improve the reconnaissance phase. In this article, we’ll walk you through the installation steps and ways to use it.

“Huge part of satellite hacking consists of understanding the communication link” – PenTest Mag’s Live Webinar on Aerospace Cybersecurity with Timothy Hoffman & Angelina Tsuboi

Angelina Tsuboi and Timothy Hoffman



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