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PenTest: Mobile Security Architecture

Dear PenTest Readers,  We know it’s summertime and probably many of you are enjoying your holidays or still thinking where …

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Shifting from Java to Kotlin by Łukasz Pluskota

As with most programming languages, they will advance over time and will replace the ones that are considered dated. When …

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Bug Bounty Programs & mobile pentesting: Apple vs. Android

With so many data breaches and hackers breaking into systems, companies constantly scan and improve their code, to make it …

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PenTest: Mobile Application Penetration Testing Tools

  Dear PenTest Readers, We would like to proudly present you the newest issue of PenTest. We hope that you …

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Workshop's eBook: Penetration Testing Apps for Android Devices. How to capture and analyze network traffic on Android devices

Understand the Android ecosystem and application architecture. Understand components of the Android data storage and security models. Identify specific threats and risks associated with the Android mobile platform. Perform a hands-on penetration test and reverse engineer an Android application. Use your powerfull Android device. Perform profetional security analysis of your network, or your business network, from point zero. Understand all the risks and vulnerabilities that your business network can have, how to find them, and how to secure them, with step-by-step tutorials.

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Launching Phishing and Spam attacks on Android with Customized Notifications - Free Artcile 11/2012

Launching Phishing and Spam attacks on Android with Customized Notifications by Sencun Zhu and Zhi Xu Existing notification service on …

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