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SPTechCon Developer Days

SPTechCon Developer Days will feature Microsoft speakers and MVPs, the brightest minds in Microsoft, Web and SharePoint development, to help …

Mar 12,2015

1 min read

Big Data World Show 2014

Big Data World Show 2014 Big Data World Tour Speakers WE ARE JUST 1 WEEK AWAY FROM THE BIG DATA …

Mar 21,2014

10 min read

Oil & Gas ICS Cybersecurity Forum / Abu Dhabi, UAE; October 7-10.2013

Organizing Company: Dome Exhibitions Event Name: Oil & Gas ICS Cyber Security Forum Start date of the event: October 7th …

Jul 22,2013

1 min read

CMO World Forum 2013 - Digital Communications Expo

  CMO World Forum 2013 - Digital Communications Expo It will be held on April 26, 2013 at Sofitel Hotel, …

Apr 20,2013

1 min read

Larbi OUIYZME OfficialNew

Setting Up a Radio Frequency Penetration Testing Lab: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction The advent of wireless technologies, from mobile phones to Wi-Fi, satellite communications, and even automobiles, has established radio frequencies …

Sep 29,2023

16 min read

Mariana Gouveia OfficialNew


INTRODUCTION In today's technology-driven world, cybersecurity has emerged as a key priority. However, just securing systems and data is no …

Sep 28,2023

17 min read

Enoch Anbu Arasu OfficialNew

API Penetration Testing: Tools, Techniques and Security Practices

Overview As we live in a digital era with rapid development of Application Programming Interfaces (API), safeguarding your application data …

Sep 28,2023

18 min read

Gokce Gulsun OfficialNew

Honeypot Technology: Comparisons, Types and Importance for Cyber Security

Honeypot technology holds significant importance in today's technology-driven world, serving as a crucial tool for safeguarding networks and monitoring evolving …

Sep 28,2023

6 min read

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking (W53)

This course is meant for anyone who wants to learn more about space-related cybersecurity specifically in relation to satellite systems. This course is meant for anyone of any skill level who is interested in expanding their skill set in satellite reconnaissance and vulnerability analysis.

Jul 27,2023

11 min read

AutoSec Pro: Vehicle Cybersecurity Mastery (W52)

AutoSec Pro is an immersive course diving into the world of automotive cybersecurity, providing an in-depth understanding of modern vehicle systems and their vulnerabilities. This cutting-edge course leverages a hands-on approach to exploit and mitigate potential threats while seamlessly integrating the ISO 21434 standard. Harness the power of innovation and technology as you spearhead the effort to safeguard the future of smart transportation.

Jul 20,2023

15 min read

Rausson Course

Creating Advanced Ransomware with Golang (W51)

In this course, you will develop a hybrid ransomware using, that is, with two encryptions RSA and AES with a programming language that is gaining a lot of strength - Golang

May 12,2023

6 min read

Mastering Splunk: A Comprehensive Guide (W50)

"Mastering Splunk: A Comprehensive Guide" is a comprehensive and hands-on course that covers all aspects of the Splunk platform, from the fundamentals to advanced topics. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to effectively use Splunk to analyze and visualize data in their personal and professional lives.

Mar 31,2023

18 min read

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